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Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

Many people make an investment in a HVAC system, yet fail to maintain proper upkeep. An HVAC system is similar to that of a car – it needs the proper care and maintenance to function properly. A properly functioning HVAC system is one that will keep your home cozy or cool for many years to come, which is why HVAC maintenance is important.

Lower Utility Bills

Saving money is one of the main reasons a person should maintain their HVAC unit. An HVAC unit that is running efficiently, as well as a home that is properly insulated, means less money spent on electricity, heating and cooling costs. HVAC maintenance is also important to prevent the need for major repairs or entire replacements.

Healthy Air

A properly maintained HVAC unit will not only keep a home warm or cool, but it will prevent problems with air quality. Clean filters and coils mean better breathing for an entire family. An unmaintained HVAC unit is a breeding ground for dirt, mold and bacteria, all of which can cause or worsen respiratory problems for those living in the home or building.

Life of the System

The better a person maintains their HVAC unit, the longer that unit will be able to function well and provide cooling and heating to a home or building. With proper HVAC maintenance, a unit can last well over 10 years. Considering the amount of money a person spends to install an HVAC unit, it makes sense they would want to keep that unit running well for as long as possible.


As with the life of the system, a well-maintained HVAC unit will run more efficiently. Research shows that dirty or unmaintained units need to work 20 percent harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a well-maintained machine. Less energy will be expended when it is running, which means less stress on the components of the machine.The less wear and tear on the machine means simple maintenance during the spring and fall months. Maintenance will be much quicker and smoother if a person takes the preventive steps to keep a system running in tip-top shape.

Less Emergency Repairs

Most HVAC units may need emergency repairs from time to time. Well-maintained units are less likely to fail during the months of hard use (June through September and December through March). Keeping a unit up-to-date on all inspections and maintenance checks means less worry that the unit will break down when it is needed the most.

What we check:

Periodic Maintenance Contract

  • Inspect Air Filters
  • Lubricate all moving parts where applicable
  • Test all electrical connections and components
  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Inspect inside cooling coil
  • Flush all drains
  • Clean condenser coil and base pan
  • Verify proper refrigerant charge
  • Test blower components
  • Test safety controls
  • Check for proper temperature rise/fall
  • Clean and adjust heat exchanger and burners
  • Check and adjust gas manifold pressure
  • Inspect and clean pilot and sensor components
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation
  • Check hot surface or spark ignition
  • Clean and test pressure switches and hoses
  • Verify voltage and amperage draw on all motors


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